2019 Valentine's Day Gift Box

2019 Valentine's Day Gift Box

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Second time I’m writing this because my computer hates me… smh…

Anyways! FINALLY I’M ABLE TO POST THESE BABIES! So the Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes include:

  • A Handwritten Love Letter. You can request that I write something specific, or I can make something up for you! The card will be randomly picked from 3 styles!

  • A Box of Chocolates. These are my favorite V-Day chocolates! There’s no nuts, but there are two strawberry flavored ones as well as a caramel one!

  • A Valentine’s Day Lewdbook. A handmade book full of my V-Day cosplays! There’s selfies, nudes and bunch in between!

  • A Key to My Heart. A handmade keychain, including a mini key, a vile of hearts, and a heart locket with a photo of me blowing you a kiss!

  • A Pair of Valentine Panties. Comes in a hand painted heart box, can be worn, perfumed, signed or all three! There’s a bunch of colors to choose from but only 4 of each color so choose quick! The colors to choose from are:

    • Pink

    • White

    • Red

    • Pink Hearts

    • White Hearts

    • Hot Pink Hearts

  • I’ll also probably add a little extra gift ;)

**This gift ships to the US & Canada ONLY! I know it gives the option for more, but that’s just a shortfall of the commerce options here! I will refund any orders placed to locations outside of this range if I catch them, but if you do place an order that’s outside this range, you will be held responsible for either making up the cost difference (the price listed is only accurate for shipping postcards) if you wish to receive it, or if you wish not to receive it you will still be responsible for the price of the product, since they are custom made and cannot be resold!

***Any orders placed before Feb 10th are being prepared to ship! And any orders placed after Feb 10th, will be sent out on Feb 28th!

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