2018 Christmas Boyfriend Box

2018 Christmas Boyfriend Box


A big gift from me to you!

This boyfriend box includes:

  • A Handwritten Girlfriend Roleplay Letter

  • A Boudoir Book (Includes 5 Lewds & 1 Wholesome Pics)

  • A Resin-Sealed Kiss Ornament

  • A Box of Festive Chocolate Chip Cookies (Includes 8 Cookies, Check Additional Info for Ingredients List)

  • Two Pairs of Panties

  • Framed Wholesome Picture

  • A Hand-Drawn Cute Doodle by Me! (One of a Kind)

  • *Optional* Pussy Cane (Not Pictured… yes it’s what it sounds like)

This gift option can only be shipped to places in the US and is limited quantity! It will be sent out around Christmas time! Check my Twitter for shipping and quantity updates!


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Cookie Ingredients List

flour, water, baking soda, salt, butter, cane sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, almond, eggs, milk chocolate, white chocolate, red food dye, pink food dye, milk chocolate M&Ms