Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day Card

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I’m SO excited to finally get these cards up for you! When you get one of my Valentine’s Day cards, you get…

  • a Handwritten Card, signed by me, made out to you

  • 3 Polaroid Photos, signed by me, choose between 4 V-Day cosplays:

    • D.VA Maid or Bunny

    • Aphrodite

    • ZeroTwo Sweetheart Version

    • or No Cosplay!

  • a Fansign Photo, you choose what it says, in the same cosplay you choose for your polaroids!

I will be sending these in two releases, if you buy it before Feb. 10th, it is being prepared to ship! If you buy it after Feb. 10th, it will be sent Feb. 28th! There’s no limit to how many you can buy, if you decide you want multiple cosplays! This WILL be available for international shipping as well, just make sure to specify!

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